LAURA DOMÍNGUEZ / Foundation For Contemporary Architecture

McGill University School of Architecture. MONTREAL
Tuesday,  September 25th, 2018_6.00 pm


Design Exchange | Canada’s Design Museum. TORONTO
Friday,  September 28th, 2018_6.30 pm

Laura Domínguez Hernández (Sevilla, España, 1970) obtained her Master in Architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla (ETSAS), graduating in 2000. Together with Juan Manuel Rojas Fernández, she founded Hombre de Piedra Architects in 2001. Design, energy, technology and sustainability are present from the very first stages of their projects. They have completed projects for residential, hotel, retail, transport and cultural buildings, having among their clients the Andalousian Government, the Port of Seville and the local agency for affordable dwellings, as well as private developer firms.


They participate in research and educational activities, in which integration between architecture and engineering is fundamental. They have realised presentations and talks in various national and international forums. Hombre de Piedra participated in Made in Spain Africa (june 2014), in which Laura Domínguez gave the conference in French at the “École d’Architecture de Casablanca”, showing the most recent projects of the practice, as well as a panorama of Spanish architecture.


As a part of their dynamics of habitual work they collaborate with different firms and professionals, being among them not only architects but also professionals of other disciplines, seeking to obtain the best possible team for every project.


In their research, the use of quantification is extended beyond the traditional aspects, searching for a better way to measure any kind of concept. Quantification of something is very important to justify its employment and suitability, e.g. passive strategies for energy saving, like courtyards.


The hotel building in Málaga, currently Ilunion Hotel, obtained a Mention of Construmat Awards to Technological Innovation in 2007, for its sustainability and the integration of microgeneration by solar photovoltaic panels at the facades.


The Cruise Terminal in the Port of Seville obtained a Special Mention of the II Awards of the Seville Architects Association (2011-2015). The building is made of recycled shipping containers and has a very efficient energy performance.


Hombre de Piedra’s buildings have been published in prestigious Spanish and international architectural magazines like Arquitectura Viva (Spain), On Diseño (Spain), Interior Design (US), Le Moniteur (France). Domus (Italy) o Frame (Holland).


Hombre de Piedra is a member of the board of trustees of the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture since the end of 2014.