First session of the motor group of ARCA

We have held the first online session of what will be the driving force behind ARCA, a platform for the protection of modern and contemporary architectural heritage in Spain . Thus, we are starting a first phase that will pave the way for a whole series of actions aimed at two fundamental objectives: the valuation and effective legal protection of this heritage.

To achieve these objectives, agents from various institutions with a long and admirable track record make up this driving force. We will seek a true link with local communities and groups through dissemination and training actions that favor the recognition of contemporary architectural heritage as a necessary social claim.

We conceive ARCA as a participatory project defined by networking and guided by the maxims of
1) generational pride and enhancement of a heritage that, as a living memory of a recent past, must always belong to the citizenry,
2) sustainability and commitment to the efficient use of the built environment and
3) the idea of architecture as a social practice that reverts to quality cities and spaces at the service of people.

Our next step will be the signing of a joint manifesto on June 10 in Córdoba, which will define the spirit of the initiative.

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