Pedro García del Barrio

Trustee of the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture


Architect graduated from the E.T.S.A. Seville in 1.981. Got his Doctorate at the E.T.S.A. Madrid 1.981-83. Master in Architecture and Heritage. Andalusian institute of Heritage. University of Seville. 1995-1.997. Thesis: Relations between the railroad and the urban environment in ten cities of Andalusia.

He takes part as author, co-author or project manager in the General Planning and of Development of the municipalities of the High Guadalquivir and other areas of the province of Córdoba; Bases and strategies for the Regional Planning of the High Guadalquivir, Córdoba (1984-89); project development from 1989 to 2003 like New arterial railway network of Córdoba(Plan RENFE), Park and fairground enclosure of El Arenal, Córdoba; Special Plan of Protection of the Historical Quartier and World heritage Catalogue; Proposal of a metropolitan transport for Córdoba.

He realizes numerous cooperations with the universities among which stand out 20 new architecture ETS Architecture Seville; The valley of the Guadalquivir, Territory of the time, ETH Zuritch; Europan 7, forum of launch. In the area of the international cooperation it intervenes in the Plan of Talcahuano’s environmental recovery, Chile; Strategic Plan of Santiago / Valparaiso, Minvu, Chile; Renovation of the coastal edge in Valparaiso, EPV. Chile.

In the public administration he has been an chief architect SAU High Guadalquivir in the County council of Córdoba (1985-87), Chief of architecture and urbanism of the County council of Córdoba (1987-90); municipal Manager of urbanism of Córdoba (2000-03); Visiting professor at the Faculty of architecture of Concepción, Chile (1998), International University Menéndez Pelayo, among others.

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