The Spanish architecture is booming.

There is a high level of architectural production led by architects from different generations and different parts of Spanish territory, but still not enough is known abroad.

The Fundación Arquitectura Contemporánea aims to promote the architecture of contemporary Spanish architects in an international level, organizing three conferences spread over three Latin American cities (México DF, São Paulo and Santiago de Chile) during 2011 in collaboration with the Architecture Universities.

These conferences will be taught by three prestigious Spanish architects: Juan Herreros, Antonio Cruz from Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos and Sara de Giles from MGM arquitectos. They also have ongoing participation of a member of the Foundation and a critic of the country who hosts the event with the aim of opening, after the conference, a wider debate on Spanish architecture. The conferences will be recorded and web-hosted

The aim is to disseminate the Spanish architectural culture abroad and to promote cultural relations between Spain and Latin American countries and between their Institutions and the Contemporary Architecture Foundation.

Parallel to this series is created this website where you can see on-line conferences and get more information about the participants in the series.