McGill University School of Architecture


Tuesday, September 25th, 2018_ 6.00 pm LECTURE and ROUNDTABLE

ALAIN CARLE has been working in Montreal for 15 years in the field of architecture. Based on a pedagogical approach that he develops as a teacher and researcher in the master’s program at the School of Architecture at the University of Montreal, his achievements are based on a critical perspective of representation in the design process.
Applied to a modest and reflective practice, the projects of the company he directs depend on perception as a theoretical model. A conceptual approach directed towards a “know-how” that, at a time when society is characterized by the omnipresence of the image, becomes the new “know-how” of the architect.

Since 2000, the firm has been working with different firms in architecture and urban design projects at different scales for public and private organizations. As such, he also participates as a consultant for the Department of Economic and Urban Development of the City of Montreal, in several urban development projects.

His projects have been widely collected in prestigious magazines, especially in regard to residential and commercial architecture. He has also won important awards and distinctions.

He has projects in London and New York.