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Spanish architects representing different generations and different geographic locations consistently produce high quality architecture throughout the country.  However, often their work is not well known beyond Spain’s borders.


The Foundation for Contemporary Architecture has as part of its objectives to support the work of outstanding Spanish professionals, make their work know outside our country, and to contribute to a broader discussion of architecture in public and private sectors.


By organizing the series of lectures titled MadeinSpain, the Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Education Culture and Sports in the past, and now thanks to the Ministry of Development and Cosentino Group, establishes relationships with academic and cultural institutions that share our goals while contributing to an understanding  of Spanish architecture.


The MadeinSpain program involves three cities in three different states and includes a lecture in each city by a recognized Spanish architect, where his or her work is presented.  After the lecture, a debate with a well-known critic from the host country and a representative of the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture takes place.



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MadeinSpain lectures win the Spanish International Architecture Award

The second edition of the Spanish International Architecture Awards is promoted by the Forum of the Spanish architecture of the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain -CSCAE Forum- under the honorary presidency of the Minister of Public Works of the Government of Spain.


It tries to present the architectural and urban quality of our professionals and companies, wishing to introduce a wider national and international audience, architectures developed outside Spain by Spanish architects, aiming to consolidate a common brand, which protects and supports the necessary continuity and the necessary expansion of these professionals.


The awards recognize therefore the excellent work of the Spanish architects and institutions like the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture worldwide.

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Cosentino Group has based its development on international expansion, an innovative research and development programme, respect for the environment and sustainability, its ongoing corporate commitment to society and the local communities where it operates, training, equality, and job security.


The Group currently distributes its products and brands to more than 80 countries, directly controlling and managing its facilities in over 20 countries from its headquarters in Almería, (Spain), and owns more than 20 of these facilities.


The multinational has 7 factories (6 in Almería (Spain) and 1 in Brazil); 15 kitchen and bathroom surface production centres (14 in the USA and 1 in Almería); 1 intelligent logistics centre (in Spain); 2 distribution hubs in the USA, and over 90 Cosentino Centres around the world. 90% of the Group’s turnover is generated by its international markets.

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