Victoria Garriga

Architect partner AV62


«When I was as child, what I loved doing more than anything was to dance and read. I never thought I would make a career of it, but I think that in the end, that is exactly what I have done.

Architecture has a lot to do with bodies in a space and make-believe stories that need a stage upon which to truly and repeatedly happen.»

Barcelona 1969

Architect ETSA Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC, 1995

Collaborated with Enric Miralles studio.

1996 sets up of AV62 studio.

Professor of architecture for interiors and interdisciplinary projects at the Barcelona design school, EINA since 2000.

Professor for the Masters course at ETSAB: Architecture and ephemeral spaces.

Conferences at different schools and institutions on Commercial Interior Design

Conferences at different schools and institutions on Exhibitory Designs

Project professor at UIC (Universidad Internacional de Cataluña).

Head of Postgraduate course at EINA/UAB. ‘Hybrid spaces, Architectural narratives’, since 2007.

Postgraduate professor at ETSAB. ‘Inhabiting a house. An interdisciplinary exploration into the knowledge of domestic spaces’ since 2006

Masters course In Museums and Ephemeral Spaces 2006 ETSAB  (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona)

Inaugural Conference, course 2006-2007, Escuela de Arte y Diseño de Reus, (Diputación de Tarragona)

Conference: ‘The house or an intimate space’, at the Escuela Elisava (Barcelona)

Conference ‘Architecture and Literature’ UAB (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona). March 2007.

Conference ‘The house as a palace or the house as a home’ ETSAB. May 2008.

Congress Paper ‘Urban Commerce Vitoria’. September 2008

Conference ‘Ephímeral spaces. Own work ‘.IED (Institute of European Design) Barcelona.

Conference ‘What is Architecture?: Lina Bo Bardi and architecture as a game’. ETSAB March 2009

Conference ‘Ephemeral Designs. Own work’ IED. June 2009.

Video ‘What is Architecture?’: Lina Bo Bardi and architecture as a game’. Nave Ivanow. Juy 2009.

Colapso Conference ‘Of architecture and monuments’ UIC January 2009

Professor of projects at UIC. (Universidad Internacional de Cataluña). 2010

Conference ‘Ephemeral spaces. Own work’  at the IED (Institute of European Design) Barcelona.

Conference: ‘Two projects in Barcelona’s old town’.‘ Urban Renewal Congress’- Baghdad, Iraq. Published in the Iraqi and international press.

Nov 2011 Participation in the First International Symposium on conservation and cultural management in monuments,landscapes and world heritages sites (The  Euro-Arab Institute Foundation and the council of the alhambra and the Generalife, 2011)